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Triassic Aquarium

Animal models were recreated based on their fossils and let swim in an AR Aquarium


Fondazione Monte San Giorgio




AR Installation

Type of Work


UX Design

We built an AR Aquarium, allowing viewers to observe species from the Triassic swimming freely. 

Species that are part of the museum's fossils collection had been realistically reconstructed in 3d. Predators chase prey, and fish swim in swarms, following nonrepetitive paths. Thanks to Augmented Reality users can observe these animals swim inside a real aquarium.

In 2018/2019 we lectured about AR and VR for Museums (CV.536) at the Design Bachelor program of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

The course had the objective of designing 2 installations (AR and VR) for the Monte S.Giorgio Fossils Museum (UNESCO).

The project presented by student Debora Tallarico was selected to be further elaborated and fully implemented in the museum. 

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