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Immersive technologies, etc.

Since their early stages, we have been following the development of immersive technologies like VR and XR.

Our team's background ranges from experimental museology to scientific communication. 


Virtual Reality

ArchonVR makes virtual reality experiences for museums and cultural institutions that bring their stories to life. Our goal is to create captivating and immersive experiences that help create a connection between the visitor and the museum's collections. 

We understand the importance of creating experiences that are engaging and meaningful. In our process, we start by understanding the needs of the museums: their identity, the stories to be told, the audience, and the collections. We then use our expertise in virtual reality to bring these stories to life in a way that engages and excites the visitor.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is at the core of ArchonVR's story. Our team started developing award-winning AR Marketing campains and museum installations.

Augmented Reality is a window on the future Spatial Computing.


ArchonVR is specialized in the development of large-scale, location based Augmented Reality applications, both for mobile and for AR Glasses.


Immersive visualization

Our team designed and built immersive visualization spaces (CAVE, VR Rooms, projection mapping).

We offer consultancy and expertise for the hardware and software design and development of visualization spaces. 


Content creation

We are specialized in creating high-end 3d content for real-time 3d immersive experiences.

Our team has an extensive experience working together with scientific institutions and universities, focusing on immersive data visualization,  animation, simulation.



We offer consultancy for UX design for Immersive techs and Spatial Computing. 


Immersive technologies allow us to explore new interaction paradigms with content and information. 

We are passionate about content, interaction, and space.

We design experiences that are accessible, intuitive, and robust.

We collaborate with architects and performance artists to link the user experience with the user's space.

We believe that museum experiences can show the potential and anticipate the adoption of innovative technologies.  

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