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We Are ArchonVR

ArchonVR Is a Multidisciplinary Company.

Immersive technologies allow us to explore new interaction paradigms with content and information. 

We are passionate about content, interaction, and space.

We design experiences that are accessible, intuitive, and robust.

We collaborate with architects and performance artists to link the user experience with the user's space.

We believe that museum experiences can show the potential and anticipate the adoption of innovative technologies.  

Museum and Exhibitions

Our collaborations with museums, academic institutions and exhibitions provided us with a unique perspective to witness numerous human-computer interaction elements and user experience design strategies associated with AR and VR.

The knowledge and insights we garnered from this experience, together with our continuous R&D enabled us to design and develop successful museum experiences. 

We witnessed hundreds of users enthusiastically "onboarding" and utilizing our technologies.

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